During our 16 years in business we have endeavoured to develop our safety and administration side of the business to a very high standard. We continuously working to improve our Safety Management Plan, Environmental Plan, Risk Assessments, Standard Working Procedures, Fatigue Management Plan, Induction Program and Prestarts. All of our equipment goes through full NDT testing, machinery inspections and is fully compliant with OEM specific regulations and mining regulations at all times.

Safety is paramount at all times and our primary focus. We work with our clients to ensure both there staff and our teams safety onsite.

All of our vehicles both light and ridged are fitted with rollover protection, first aid kits, snake bite kits, fire extinguishers, high visibility tape/ID numbers and flags, flashing lights, vehicle nut indicators and mine radios.

The machinery is fitted with:

  • hydraulic burst protection
  • safety socks on airlines
  • ID numbers
  • first aid kits
  • safety walkways and hand rails
  • emergency/remote stops
  • rotation guard
  • noise protection
  • heat protection
  • fire suppression
  • safety signage